About GR

There are approximately 2 million Americans licensed as real estate agents. Every year, the average agent spends $2,000 on fees alone (that doesn’t include marketing expenses), but within five years, more than 87% leave the business.

Our mission is to give real estate agents long-term stability and peace of mind. We're creating tools and opportunities that puts the agent in control. With the launch of our multi-tier memberships, real estate agents can choose how they earn commissions in their spare time while their costs are clearly laid out in advance. General Referral member fees & commissions earned are automatically tied to a bank account of their choosing. No more messy paper checks or confusing processes.

Our founding team has spent decades at top companies in real estate, technology, and financial services.


Open Roles

Broker of Record - Pennsylvania

In this role,
you will:

  • Oversee compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations.

  • Provide regular and ongoing guidance to all General Referral real estate agents in the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Leverage your existing network in the Pennsylvania real estate community to help promote and grow the General Referral team.


  • Currently hold or qualify for a Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker’s license.

  • Enjoy taking initiative to solve challenges and develop processes in an early-stage company environment.

  • Share our mission to improve the day-to-day experience of agents.

  • Are comfortable with outreach to other brokers to explore partnership opportunities.

Referral Agent - New Jersey

In this role, you will:

  • Maintain your real estate license with General Referral.

  • Set your own pace to achieve goals you choose, which are a convenient fit for your other obligations.

  • Deliver exceptional guidance and support to family, friends and your close network in choosing a real estate agent or other options, as needed.


  • Have elected to retain your real estate license in a capacity better suited to your life circumstances.

  • Understand the restrictions placed on referral licensees.

  • Appreciate a flexible work structure.

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