Why General Referral?

Being a real estate agent isn’t getting any easier. Even after putting in long hours at school to get licensed, then followed up with even longer hours at the office, the costs of staying up with new technologies, competing against marketing budgets of large corporate interests and agents with established businesses only continues to rise. This often results in agents leaving the business or choose to becoming part-time referral agents, however, existing referral brokerage solutions were not built for the challenges or the opportunities facing today’s agents.

Even the process of joining and maintaining a real estate license with a referral brokerage has barely evolved to meet modern standards & as part-time agents, reducing the administrative burden of maintaining a license is more important than ever.

We think there’s a better answer through leveraging technology. After watching agent after agent forfeit all of that time, energy and money invested in a real estate career, we decided to look for an alternative. We wondered if we could build a company that gives agents an affordable opportunity to keep their license, earn commissions at their own pace and reduce burdensome administrative work, all while giving them the freedom and flexibility to pursue other interests and careers. This is how General Referral was started.