Why General Referral

Being a real estate agent isn’t getting any easier. Even after putting in long hours at school to get licensed, followed up by even longer hours at the office, the cost of staying current with new technologies, competing against marketing budgets of large corporate interests and agents with established businesses only continues to rise. This often results in agents leaving the business or choose to becoming part-time referral agents, however, existing referral brokerage solutions were not built for the challenges or the opportunities facing today’s agents.

We think there’s a better solution. Through leveraging technology, we wanted to reduce the time and effort required to transfer and maintain a real estate license, while giving agents a better opportunity to earn extra income in their spare time. This is how General Referral was started.


Who Belongs

General Referral is a smart option for real estate agents at any stage of their career.


Career Changers

Gerard loves being a real estate agent, but he couldn’t pass up the steady income that came with a new job offer. Rather than letting his real estate license expire, he’s keeping open his options to earn additional income by joining General Referral.



Janet has a large social network. She’s been a real estate agent for five years, but now that her children have moved out, it’s time to downsize, which means moving to a new state. Instead of giving up her license, she joins General Referral and can earn substantial income from the convenience of her new location.



Samantha is buying up homes in a nearby town. The commissions cut into her profits, so to boost her returns, she’s getting a referral license with General Referral.



Paul could tell you some stories about being an agent in the real estate business, but now he’s looking forward to retirement. To keep his license, while keeping his costs under control, Paul decided to join General Referral.


New Agents

Rohit just aced her real estate licensing exam, but is taking her time figuring out how to enter the business. She’s looking for flexibility, low costs and a limited commitment. General Referral checks all of her boxes.