A technology driven real estate agency for referral agents.


General Referral is the low cost, low time-commitment alternative to traditional real estate brokerages for referral agents. We simplify the tedious administrative work referral agents are forced to deal with at other firms. At General Referral our flexible commission plans & online interface put you in control of your time and your license.
No MLS fees, no board fees (plus no continuing education requirements in NJ).

Find out how easy it is to complete your real estate license transfer online in 5-minutes.


For Referral Agents

Income. Our referral network needs you. Use your industry knowledge & connections as a referral agent at GR to earn commission in your spare time.


Referral Agent Member Benefits



For Outside Brokers

Achieve more. Use GR to grow your commission pipeline by earning a portion of the income generated by every agent you send to us.


For Outside Agents

Sell more. Partner agents receive highly qualified leads with needs matching their skill set. Our referral network is driven by personal relationships.


For Clients

Be delighted. Using a combination of powerful technology and stellar customer service, we place clients with qualified agents. Every agent is screened to ensure top-notch service and professionalism.


In a world, where real estate agents are facing increased competition from well funded competitors, the referral agent is thriving. Now, there’s finally an option for real estate referral agents that handles the mundane tasks & puts them at the center of the transaction.