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General Referral is The Easiest Way To Maintain an Active Real Estate License & Earn Income in Your Spare Time



The Starter Plan

The go-to membership plan for real estate agents taking a break or breaking into the industry. With the starter plan, you have everything you need to earn commissions from day one. It includes a 50 /50 commission split for $90 per year.


The Essentials Plan

The Essentials Plan is our most popular option. If you can reasonably expect to close just one referral per year, this is the plan for you. It includes a 70/30 commission split for $140 per year.


The Professional Plan

If you’re confident you have an upcoming real estate referral, The Professional Plan should be your destination. Earn a 90% commission split with your referral business for $295 per year.

Frequently Asked Question

Also check out our Sign up Process & FAQ page

You’re free to login and switch your plan for the following year at any time, up to 20 days before your GR anniversary date. Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds or partial credit once you’ve made payment.

While we’re always sorry to see an agent leave, we love to be supportive, so don’t hesitate to bring us any questions about the next move for your license.

We make it really easy to canel your plan. Simply sign-in to the member portal (click the member sign-in link at the bottom of any page on our website), "Edit" your plan and select cancel. This will prevent any further charges to your account.

If you would also like us to terminate your license association with GR before the end of your plan renewal date, Simply send an email to to request immediate termination of your license.

Unfortunately, we are not able to issue partial credit or refunds, but we can assure that you will not be charged going forward. While we would be sorry to see you go, if there are any questions about your license going forward, we are happy to help you think through your options.

No, since these fees can vary depending on the circumstance, we decided it wouldn’t make sense to include those costs in the plans. However, during sign-up, you will see separate line items clearly identifying each state fee you are being charged. Those fees are collected from you by General Referral and passed along to the state.

If you’d like to see what the state fees will be before signing up, check out our New Jersey license info page or our New York license info page.

We’re working on new offerings, but in the meantime, marketing resources are available for all GR membership plans. We work with you to develop an outreach strategy that best achieves your objectives.

*Every plan converts into a Free Plan the year following three successful referrals.

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Example Transaction Commissions

based on selected Membership Plan

Sale Price Starter Essentials Pro
50 / 50 70 / 30 90 / 10
$150K $469 $657 $844
$300K $938 $1,313 $1,688
$450K $1,407 $1,969 $2,532
$600K $1,875 $2,625 $3,375
$750K $2,344 $3,282 $4,219
$900K $2,813 $3,938 $5,063
And up! ********Assumes 25% referral at 2.5% commission********