The Referral Process

1. Partner with top Agent(s)

A successful client referral usually means partnering with more than one full service agent. More choices lead to better outcomes.

2. Setting Your Rate

Once you’ve identified the agents you are comfortable referring people to, it’s time to set expectations… splits, terms & follow-ups.


3. Get it in Writing

All parties, including their brokers, must memorialize the agreed upon terms in writing.

4. PreparE Your Client

Explain who you are referring your client to and why you feel they are a good fit. Check-in with both sides after each initial partner agent meets your client.


5. Follow Up

Stay in the loop and make sure client expectations are being met. If not, step in to help make changes that will ensure a successful outcome.

6. Get Paid

If you’ve done everything else, this step should be easy. Never stop thinking about ways to add value!