What is My Real Estate License Number?

Most people have enough numbers to remember, so it’s no surprise if you don’t recall your real estate license ID. Real estate agents are issued a license reference number by the state when you complete the requirements for licensure. The state typically uses this number to uniquely identify licensees, track employment history and ensure licensees have met all state requirements.

For real estate agents licensed in New Jersey:

To find your NJ real estate license number, use the license search tool on the State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) website. Here are some tips to help you use the license search tool:

  • Enter your last name into the “Name” input field first. If your last name is common, you can reduce the number of results by also entering a comma, followed by your first name.

  • Don’t worry if you use special characters in your name, the system should be able to handle it.

  • To further reduce the number of results shown, you can also try setting the license type and license status fields.

License data includes the following information:

  • Name

  • License Number

  • License Type (Salesperson / Salesperson (Referral) / Broker-Salesperson / Broker of Record)

  • Status (Active or Inactive)

  • Date first Licensed in New Jersey

  • License Renewal or Expiration Date

  • If active, Business Name of Employing Broker

  • Employing Broker License Number

  • Employing Broker Address

Here’s the New Jersey real estate license search interface:

For real estate agents licensed in New York:

To obtain your NY real estate license number, use the license search tool on the State of New York Division of Licensing Services eAccess website. UID is your NY license unique identification number. From the State of NY:

Each license includes data on: Name, License Number, License Type, Status (of current license) and Expiration Date. Click on the name to find more detailed information, such as: Practice Location, Business Name and related License Information.

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